What is Poyo?

Poyo is a chicken. But it also functions as a question and wallet. Each Poyo holds value via Tama tokens that can later be traded in for company shares.

Can I really make money from Qoop?

Yes! Eventually up to 51% of Qoop shares will be allotted via tokens for all Qoop users. So every question is worth it’s weight in company shares. As Qoop Inc. grows, your investment (via questions) grows. Think of every question as an investment!

How do I get more Poyo’s?

For every 10 user questions you vote on, you earn your own Poyo.

Can I delete a question?

No, once a question is created it cannot be deleted. However, you can trade for money in the future so make your question count.

Can I undo a vote?

Yes, you can override a prior vote by clicking the alternate answer twice. For example, a YES vote on “Are you Single?” can be changed to NO at a later time if you are no longer on the market.

What are Promoted Questions?

A promoted question is sponsored by a third party. You can earn feed by answering promoted questions.

What are Bounty Questions?

A bounty question is when a user flags an existing Question as harmful or offensive. Once flagged, the Question is shot into the Bounty Question Area where other users can vote to suspend or keep the Question active. All Bounty Question voters earn feed by voting. This creates a self-policing safety protocol within the community where users are incentivized to prevent and stop cyber-bullying/offensive online behavior.

Can I vote on my own question?

Yes. And you should since every vote turns into a monetary value.

Will Qoop ever reveal who asked anonymous questions?

No. Revealing a user’s identity is solely at the discretion of the user alone. We value our user’s privacy.